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Monday 23rd March

Dear Parents,

In the event of a school closure or the need to self-isolate, we would like your children to still be able to access some of their learning from home. To this end we have included the computer logins to sites used at school along with a few suggested activities listed here.

Please remember that learning at school comes from the lessons and dialogue between teacher and pupils. The computer activities/the worksheets are all secondary. Please also remember that these computer sites track the progress for each student. Therefore, it is so important that all children do their OWN work, giving their OWN responses.

Children usually only spend 15-20 minutes at a time on the computers (which includes login time). Please do not allow your children too long in one sitting at the computer. They need to refocus and move around.

ONLINE SITES: (log-ins are attached for your child)

Study Ladder: Pods have been created for each grade with set tasks to be completed. There is also a communication section when they open their pod so that if children have some comments/ questions they can communicate through this.

Reading Eggs: Access to phonemic skills, reading, library of books, story writing and much more.

Matific: Maths learning online.

Non-Computer Activities:

·       House chores- making beds, helping around the  house, folding clothes etc

·       Encourage active students.

Inside GO NOODLE  (website for dance, yoga, meditation etc  https://www.gonoodle.com/)

Outside: climbing, running, ball skills, skipping, building cubbies, sand play, gardening etc,

·       Creative Activities: Drawing with different media, painting, sculpture with dough, papercraft, singing, playing/ listening to music, dancing.

·       Reading: Reading with your child and also allowing some quiet, individual browsing/ reading and viewing texts.

·       Writing: Stories, keep a diary, make lists, write instructions, create maps.

·       Extra activities as suggested by Department of Education (sheet attached)      

Ann Mills    -   Principal